PAS Seminar
Short PAS Introduction Part 1. - Intellectual Dimension Primitive

Bob MacLachlan
Doing PhD - met Dick York who worked with John Gittinger

Dick York ran a clinic on the Cape and John was invited

Result: You learn from someone else.

Krauskopf/Saunders book is good but could not read the book and use it.
You have to ask questions.

Gittinger put PAS together when he was chief and only psychologist
in State Hospital in OK during and after depression.

Drifters ended up in State hospital.

2 jobs: Fry cook and dishwashers - truck stops along Route 66.

Two assessment devices: Rorschach and WB

They would try on WB because they thought if they did well they would get out.

Wechsler thought intelligence was an aspect of personality.

Inadvertently the Wechsler gives personality data. Don't use vocabulary
  because it is purely intellect.

Three dimensions that interact so cannot look at in isolation.

First dimension:

Cognitive (or intellectual) Dimension

The relationship of thinking and doing.

Three levels in each dimension:
1. Born with or acquired in infancy
   Primitive adjustment

   Measured by Digit Span
   If can do well - that takes place in your head - internal.

   Two states of reality: Internal and External

   On a distribution on Digit Span
    one end is External and other end Internal

  Externlizer distracted while doing task - by external things 
     -> Low digit Span

     -> High digit span

  Int: Think in order to do. "I"
       Behavior that is primarily thinking.

  Ext: Do in order to think. "E"

  Characteristics: How do you know an "I" is busy thinking?
    Behaviorally passive

  "E" behaviorally active. Move around in external environment.
    Things they do become substance of thinking. Become practical.
    Learn something about how you get things done.

  "I" preferring - naive about outside world.  
     More likely to be dependent - in ways different from "E".
  "E" are emotionally dependent - need people to communicate with.
     Learn language faster

  "I" Don't need others as much - internal world can be better.
     "Succor dependent" - i.e. need taken care of.
     Dependent with regard to practical matters.