PAS Seminar
Short PAS Introduction Part 2. - Intellectual Dimension - Basic and start Surface

Computers are in Internal type skill - can file in internal landscape.

"E" wants interaction.

"Succor" and "just knowing someone is there." 
  That is contextual: For "E" knowing they are there to interact with.
                      For "I" someone to comfort
  John meant "succor" in terms of needing actual taking care of until they

Think of "fry cook" must keep orders in his head. Primitive "I"
"E" dishwashers put where fewer distractions.

Regardless of "I" or "E", most have to do some of both:
  Sit and think
  Practical knowledge

May grow to adolescence without learning opposite.
Some families allow this. Cultures, e.g. China, passive children are
  a good thing.

Primitive "I" needs to learn to get up and explore and learn about world.
Primitive "E" must learn to sit still in 1st grade

Compensation takes energy. When you learn it, you are proud of it and
  show it off.
Paradox: "I" and compensates - more like an extrovert than many "E"
   "determined extrovert"
"E" compensated - learns to internalize - 

How to tell the difference: 
Example prim "E" - says I like coming to see you and sometimes you are
   awful "drifty" - he picked up Bob's "I".

"Ec" not active like prim "E" may not talk a lot - always paying attention
"Iu" uncompensated "I" - like primitive - quiet, passive

"Eu" uncompensated "E" - active, getting things done

Indicator is Arithmetic. Requires the practical knowledge to know the
  context of the problems. "I" or "E" do well because arithmetic takes
  both skills.

Difference in Iu and Ec? Ec - tension (not neurotic) but tension in 
   behavior - e.g. if printed in italics - a bit more intense.
   Same true for Ic vs Eu

Adjustment with compensation (or lack of) is the BASIC level
People tend to think of ourselves at the basic level

So do Iu or Eu get a chance to gain opposite skills?

Pressures leading to basic level are largely from outside of themselves -
  what people are teaching you.
  Adolescent more freedom and confident and take more responsibility for

So for example, if Iu - they say "I can't do that but I need to sit still or
  I don't talk to others."
  So now acquire some of the same behaviors.

Difference in compensation and modification. While some self driving,
  does not mean parents are not pushing for grades or to be outgoing.

Modification less stringent learning - pressure not so difficult although it
  may be more annoying (e.g. nagging to get things done).

So may learn something from the other skill even though have not learned
it before.
So now it's more complicated.
4 basic adjustments in cognitive dimension: Iu Ic Ec Eu

On surface have 8. Surface is way you look to others who don't know you well.

So an Iu can acquire some outgoing, practical behavior or not acquire it.
Not many Iuu in our culture. 

Most focused Iuu is a catatonic schizophrenic - defending against dangers in
  the world. Looking for danger so still some awareness of outside world.