PAS Seminar
Short PAS Introduction Part 3. - Intellectual Dimension - Surface

Euu never really knows how to sit and think.
Find it often in primitive communities where intellectual functioning
   is not needed. 
   Not necessarily talkative.

Not common in US culture.

Iuc - like parties. Hanging onto modification.
      Finally gotten out in the world and doing "E" things.
      Afraid if go home - door will shut.

Euc - chatterbox about intellectual things. May not get them all right.
      Want to impress you with intellectual knowledge.
      Don't have have as much as they want and don't know it.
      May not make good impression.

Modification indicator - Information subtest
  knowledge about the world - not necessarily things you have to go to
  school to know.
  It is memory for data - "I" skill, but data outside world "E" skill.

  Thus high Information is modified.

Icc - compensated and high Information - more of the same.
      Comfortable in both internal and external world.
      Intellectually disciplined

Ecc - likewise intellectually disciplined.
     Ecc show more I behavior on surface. Icc show E behavior on surface

     Ecc experts in a particular area of intellectual skill
     Ec+ will tell you many things about a grasshopper!

(reminder about dimensions interacting with each other).

Icu and Ecu somehow don't make sense but they happen.
Icu - learns to pay attention to external world but then low Information
  They get to Ic in a narrow way. 
  Example: before cable passion was TV antennas. Walking down a street
    he would notice every antenna.
    Can be pathological - conflicted about outside world vs. inside world.
    Need to know some biography to interpret Icu
Ecu - Learned intellectual discipline and sit still and think.
   Acquired discipline but not spread broad enough for high Information
   Tend to be specialists
   Krauskopf: many engineers who were Ecu

Icu - craft people, artisans

Iuu rare in our culture

Icc and Ecc are the most common

Iuc and Euc happen a lot

Kathleen: Icc father wanted her to take speech classes - pull me out.
          People liked how I read so was chosen to read.
	  at 13 - wanted to go to public HS, not Catholic to have to meet
	    new people.

Question about marriage: Must consider other dimensions.	    

17:40 break closeups of charts to 18:40