PAS Seminar
Short PAS Introduction Part 5. - Complete Procedural Dimension - start Social Dimension

Procedural Dimension Continued

"R" will over generalize people - perception of people 
    tend to be oversimplified or over generalized.

"F" tend to be more tolerant and more understanding of people - can
   tolerate ambiguities in people. "R"- person is "dumb" or "smart".
   "F" does things well and some poorly and some really stupid.

"F" More people person compared to "R" categorizing.

"R" more efficient, get things done, get from point A to B.
  Good at details, not as good at understanding the context.

"F" thrives on ambiguity - harder time getting things done, finished.
  Has big picture view. Perhaps more objective about people

Both kinds of skills are important in the world so must consider

Basic level adjustment:
In Intellectual dimension, arithmetic and information required both
  E and I skills.

For Procedural: Similarities is indicator for compensation.
Must abstract common qualities into one term.

Thus is an F skill.
R who does well on Sim - has learned about the big picture. Takes R 
  perception and takes lots of little pictures to get picture.
  Compensated R = Rc

F uses F skill to do well on Similarities - Fu
Uncompensated R often says "they are different" to harder questions

Low similarities - F loses big picture. Fc not common.

It is not learning something new, but like putting black tape over their
  "wide angle lens" - actually lose big picture skills.

F seen as touchy-feely. R more tough masculine. This is cultural.

Primitive F male could be hard. Stringent circumstances needed to stop the
   big picture view.
   Fc are tough.

Rc learned sensitivity - learned rules to be nice to people and to be
  perceptive. May read books on how to behave - how to be insightful and
  caring person.
  It is rote - does not mean is not genuine and effective, but is different
    from Fu.
  Rc not as tuned in.  

Ru has not learned big picture skills so has all the primitive R traits
  but more so.
  E Ru - more people interaction

Fu works in our culture because R practicality can come from surface level.

Indicator is comprehension - measure of practical knowledge.
  Example: First question asks "what should you do" not "what would you do".
  Idea is knowing cultural regulation.
  The rules of appropriate living in our culture.

  High Comprehension is always modified ("c")

Rc  Ru   Fu   Fc
Fc is most limited due to suppression

Best way for F's to get practical ability is with the modification
  (high "C")

Fc is a tough adjustment - can be brusque and even mean
John: Rc can hurt you but an Fc is mean
      Rc can hurt because of not seeing something 

      Fc is trying to prove how tough they are
        Used to be seen only in males, but not so any more.

Rcc and Fuc are most common

Rcc can keep out of trouble and not hurt

Fcc ameliorates Fc a bit by having the practical knowledge

Rcu Ruu  Fuu  Fcu
Rcu trying so hard to be an "F" - not very practical about the Rc - trying
  so hard to be "F" that don't make much sense. Overly nice always trying
  to do good things but missing the boat - not useful or even not

(Social workers: Fcc maybe with prisoners. Rcu maybe better at organizing)

Ruu - "primitive" does not get it. Confused person - hard to go through 
  world without the practical skill of how it works. 
  Comes to conclusion quickly but without insight

Fuu - sees in intuitive way, aesthetic - but with out practical
  Icc Fuu might work - get away with Fuu - eccentric - artisan and can
    think straight, intuitive but can't get things done.

Fcu - Only really "bad" adjustment in whole system.
   Inhibited F skills, tries hard to be mean and no practical judgment
   about when to stop it. "Hells Angels".
Culturally Fcu not productive - may meet the person's needs.

Social Dimension (27:30).
Some ways the most straightforward and in some ways some curve balls.

Procedural dimension is how you relate 1-1 to people

Social dimension is how you deal with people in general - in social milieu