PAS Seminar
Short PAS Introduction Part 6. - Social Dimension

Role Adaptive - tuned into what is expected in a situation and knows how
  to do it
  Can change roles like a movie star changes clothes

Role Uniform - not tuned or does not have a role  
  Classic - always in the same rumpled grey suit

Test: Picture Arrangement

Some do them as fast as they can move cards
Others take some time and think about it all

Many will look at it and laugh but not be able to put it together

To do well - 
  1. Have to recognize the social situation is 
  2. Have to be able to put yourself in the role of the protaganist in the 

To play the right role - have to match role to cues
Two skills: cue recognition. have roles.

High is A

Socially facile - can look like anything they want.

Role Uniform get attention by achieving - achievers
  not attention because cute or attractive cudly

A - people come to them
    But like a movie set - just social skills that are visible and
      promising but not necessarily skills to fulfill.

U - Anyone needs some social skills to get along in society

BASIC level comes from Picture Completion

PC - some aspect of social behavior (even if ancialry)

High PC for A is Au

High PC for U is Uc
  Can recognize situation use achievement and learne role successfully
  In right situation appears as A, but in totally new situation becomes
    more passive socially. Has learned when to keep mouth shut.

  Low PC: Uu
     Either not interested in social involvement
     Or so good at achievement that does not need to adapt
        If don't like me, out of here.

A with low PC- learns to not pay attention to social cues
  So does not have to keep shifting roles so can sit and achieve
  Ac is usually achieving individual

Au can be good salesmen (like door to door)

Surface: Object assembly. Puzzles.
  Social anxiety bubbles up when subject sees person with stop watch
    while they are having trouble figuring it out.

Do well due to lack of social anxiety.
  THen the basic adjustment holds.
  Auu - no anxiety "hit them for their money and leave"

  Acu -