Self Study Resources for the Personality Assessment System

See the PAS tab, the Bibliography and the Resources tabs for online resources.

Suggested Order of Study

  1. The best starting point is the article: The Personality System - A Radical Hypothesis by C. J. Krauskopf.
  2. Paper: "A Brief Explanation of the Personality Assessment System"
  3. A brief description of the PAS Model and A more thorough description of the PAS Model
  4. Paper on the "Origins of the PAS"
  5. Video Course (several hours) with an introduction to the PAS
  6. Extensive lecture series on the PAS by John Gittinger.
  7. The Weschler scales and the PAS - how they relate.
  8. Several case studies relating PAS profiles to actual cases
  9. Paper: Discussion of the 64 possible types at the Basic level (after compensation).
  10. The most thorough resource for further study is the book:

    Krauskopf, C. J., & Saunders, D. R. (1994).  Personality and ability: The Personality Assessment System.  Lanham, MD: University Press of America. This book contains a rather complete statement of the theory and supporting research to date.