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The Personality Assessment System Foundation exists to further the study of the relationship between intelligence and other personality variables as they interact to influence human behavior. In this endeavor we follow the example set forth by John Gittinger, who first developed the Personality Assessment System. To this end we attempt to examine current thinking on these topics, to stimulate research which will enhance our understanding, and to foster a sense of community among all parties who seek to pursue interest or study in these areas.

Just what is the Personality Assessment System? Click here to read "The Personality Assessment System - A Radical Hypothesis"
What is unique about the PAS? Click here to read the two most important contributions the PAS adds to the study of personality.
Attention PhD students - searching for dissertation topics? The PASF is available to support the logistics of research using the PAS model or for research on the history of the PAS and its use. Support can include scholarships for training program(s), access to databases of research and case studies and some computational support. Click here to contact the PASF.

The PAS is a powerful model for understanding many aspects of human behavior, such as results of experiments in psychology, social science reports, and economic and political analyses. Includes an analysis of mass killers.

Click here for examples of using the PAS model to interpret and understand important social science and recent reports.