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The Personality Assessment System Foundation (PASF) is an organization of professionals who use the PAS in their work. The membership is composed of psychologists, social workers, educators, human resources administrators, graduate students, psychometricians, and others who are interested in the effective analysis of human personality factors.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Invitation to participate in PASF conferences and meetings
  • Opportunities for collaboration and consultation with other professionals who have used the PAS extensively.
  • Training in the PAS and Mentorship for use of the PAS and research using the PAS.
  • Access to the "Members" area of the PASF website with its large array of training materials, literature, and web based research tools.

Membership Fees: $40.00 per year. Scholarship membership is available to graduate students and other researchers.

Membership Form: Click here to obtain the Membership Application Form which may be printed and sent with your membership fee.

The Membership Form contains the address to which to send member ship applications and renewals!

Questions about membership? You may contact us with questions about membership using the form below.

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