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History of the PAS

Short biography of John Gittinger -
the inventor of the PAS

Introduction of John Gittinger at a dinner in his honor.

"The CIA man" - 1986 Tulsa Tribute article about John Gittinger


The Personality Assessment System Foundation is a non-profit organization whose members have extensive experience in the use of the PAS and in training others in the PAS. The PASF also maintains this web site and archives of various materials.

The Personality Assessment System Foundation exists to further the study of the relationship between intelligence and other personality variables as they interact to influence human behavior. In this endeavor we follow the example set forth by John Gittinger, who first developed the Personality Assessment System. To this end we attempt to examine current thinking on these topics, to stimulate research which will enhance our understanding, and to foster a sense of community among all parties who seek to pursue interest or study in these areas.

Note: The Cummings Center for the History of Psychology housed at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, has an extensive collection of materials relating to the PAS. These include original materials used in the development of the PAS, originals of much of the content of this web site plus other documents such as Ph.D. theses.