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A PAS Interpretation of Artificial Intelligence Discussion of how "intelligent" language model AIs are in terms of the PAS model and how the PAS test determines profiles. Earl Rodd Posted April 2023
Reading Ability Analysis of PAS Results of Good and Poor Readers. Earl Rodd - based on data from David Saunders. Posted Nov. 2017
Mass Killers "Reality Club" - PAS and mass killers. Unknown. Posted Nov. 2017
Science News: The PAS and Brain -behavior research out of Leiden University Brain & Cognition Laboratory. [A. R. Couchon, PASF 6/20/2013]
The Brain and the 4th Dimension A 4th Dimension or Modifier Variable - using the Stroop task in light of current brain research. A. R. Couchon and C. D. Farmer - 9/14/2013