PAS Overview - Applications

Non-Technical Overview

Why the PAS?

The PAS Symbol system

Applications of the PAS

The PAS Model (brief)

The PAS Model (more in depth)

Interaction of the PAS Dimensions

Simple overview of PAS primtives with cartoons.

Deriving a PAS profile

Wechsler Scores and the PAS

Examples of Case Studies

Study of felons

Most applications of the PAS involve use of the PAS system of notation. This "shorthand"' is the main tool that permits PAS practitioners to handle the complexities of the PAS with ease. We strongly recommend that you learn at least the rudiments of this notation if you are seriously interested in learning more about the many applications of the Personality Assessment System.

Personality Profiling in Competitive Intelligence A paper by Marshall N. Heyman, Ph. D., President of BASYC, on the fundamentals of psychological profiling in the field of Competitive Intelligence.

These other descriptions of PAS applications are in preparation:

Note: The members area has papers on several significant applications of the PAS.