PAS Overview - Deriving a Profile

Non-Technical Overview

Why the PAS?

The PAS Symbol system

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The PAS Model (brief)

The PAS Model (more in depth)

Interaction of the PAS Dimensions

Simple overview of PAS primtives with cartoons.

Deriving a PAS profile

Wechsler Scores and the PAS

Examples of Case Studies

Study of felons

A PAS profile of an individual may be obtained in one of several ways. Historically, the development of the system and nearly all of the research base and clinical use was based on using either the Wechsler-Bellevue or WAIS assessment tools. There was a slightly modifed version of the Wechsler-Bellevue tools called the WB/G (G for Gittinger) also used.

Later versions of the Wechsler, especially newer than the WAIS-R are not suitable for PAS use.

The theory is built around information that comes from the variablity in the subtests of the WB and WAIS instruments.

For a thorough discussion of the relationship of the Wechsler Scales to the PAS, see "Wechsler Scores and the PAS.

In addition, much work has been done on indirect assessment which can take several forms: